3 Reasons Why We Are Confident That Sherman Oaks Bartending School

                                                                                                                                                      will get you Professionally Bartending in 3 Weeks!!!


1. National Bartending School & Staffing is not only a bartending school, it is also an event company!  All graduates are GUARANTEED actual bartending work for National Bartender Staffing! Graduates have had the opportunity to work PAID bartending gigs (weddings, charity events, graduation parties, etc…)  prior to graduating!!!   Once you have graduated and interview at a bar, restaurant, or club, you can honestly say you have had REAL Professional Bartending Experience!!!!   (actual students working gigs below)

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2.  Our job placement program is regarded as one of, if not the best in Southern California! Boasting a 94% placement rate (most of the 6% found other jobs in other career paths, but the opportunity for them was there!)    National Bartending School of Sherman Oaks has strong relationships that trust us enough to call us everytime they need a graduate! We literally get one or two calls a week from establishments that need bartenders!  To date,  National Bartending School has developed relationships with top bars and event companies including Sherman Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, CPK of Woodland Hills, the Playhouse of Pasadena, Macaroni Grill of Northridge, Musashi’s of Simi Valley and Porter Ranch, Los Robles, Red Balls Rock N Roll Pizza of Moorpark,  Beverlees of Ventura, Mr. Bartender of Los Angeles, and a growing list of additional establishments….

3.   Our bartending school has developed updated relevant bartending courses as a part of our curriculum. Bartending Jobs are plentiful for graduates when the bartending school they graduate from trains the student to run the bar like a professional bartender! National Bartenders School of Sherman Oaks consulted with bar/event company owners including famed craft mixologist Anthony Kaufman, 20 year veteran Pennie Creager, (lead bartender of Sunset Terrace) and Brian Golden, owner of Beverlee’s (Ventura Counties largest bartender service) for the purpose of dramatically increasing our graduates’ chances of obtaining a bartending job. Top bar owners and managers helped make the curriculum relevant for what is being ordered in  2015!!!